Thursday, 31 January 2013

I wish I had the skills of.....Twinkle and Gloom

I have searched high and low on the internet, looking for crafty inspiration, Ive joined forums, chatted away, learnt alot from my many crafty virtual pals. But sometimes there are people, every now and again, that really hit on a look or theme that makes your head spin, combine that with  the skill and enthusiasm of the crafter/artist themselves and you get something that you will want to follow and somehow be part of forever.
So, I would like to introduce to you a lovely lady called Lowri.
Lowri takes a subject that we may not see as popular or beautiful and takes it into her own world and makes it beautiful.    Twinkle and Gloom the Nonsense Fairy.

Her themes include circus, fanatic tea drinkers, conjoined twins, fantasy, magic.She makes paintings, prints, jewellery, cards etc. This is a young lady to look out for.Its her full time career,she had even sold her work to one of the League of Gentlemen.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Im on Pinterest

Morning folks, just thought Id let you know that Im on Pinterest.You can see my messed up mind in seperate organised boards.
Me, and whats going on in my head

Sunday, 27 January 2013

No pictures today

Sorry, no pictures in my blog today( I hate that, all writing and nothing pretty to look at).
Im making a list of crafts I mean to get on with, themes that Il be making this year, hopefully they will be popular.
I may have made a breakthrough re washable cushions too but the finish will feel more waterproofy(obviously) rather than cotton as they are now, so that might put people off:o( but anyhoo, I can only try these things can't I, see how they go.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New luuurve items listed

Love must be in the air as I have 2 new items, one is a heart, the other inspired by Paris.

Lovely lavender scented heart decoration

Ive been meaning to make this for ages, a Paris inspired decorative cushion.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Its a, nice day for a, white wedddiiiiing.

Well, what with the snow and a family wedding anniversary coming up I thought Id write a post about my wedding items.

One of my joys each month is to visit a local antiques market where I can find beautiful items to use in my work.
Here is a (very comfortable)headband with an old diamante buckle on it.Ideal for a bride that doesnt want a veil or tiara, but does want  a little decoration for her hair.
Gorgous sparkly headband

I love sparkly beads and the simple look of the 40's so with this in mind I made a very simple yet elegant necklace with earrings in graduating sized beads.The beads are multifacted and as you can see they really catch the light, and have a coating on them(ab) which makes them pick up surrounding colours.

For those brides to be that want full sparkle-osity (if thats a word) then this headband is perect for your big day.
The headband is very comortable and silver plated. I have added czech mounted stones with wire(making sure all wire ends are safely tucked away).I know its tough to make a decision when shopping online, so if you would like a sample of one of these beads to see what they are like up close,  please contact me and I can send you 1 stone to look at.
 Other designs and stones are available

Here is a bicone version of my above necklace.I used diamond shaped beads instead of round beads in this necklace

If your after something with a more vintage feel to it that doesnt pick up so much colour then this necklace may be the one for you.The round beads have a silver shimmer to them, making them very subtle but still glamorous enough for your wedding day.
The necklace also comes with drop earrings.

A link to all my posh doo items.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Friday, 18 January 2013

Original artwork in mount frames

After searching the internet and discovering loads of crafts Id never heard of, I liked the idea of scrapbooking and photo editing.
Combine this with my love of old photos I started to make my own prints.
I started out selling them in A4 size then realised people may like them in a smaller size.So I now provide some of my images in a 7x9" mount frame.I have a few to choose from, some ideal for a child's bedroom, others for your kitchen or conservatory.
Circus weightlifters

I also have a shabby chic style bird image Birdy print

And something else for a little girls room  Angel kisses print

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Ladies on the beach must wear bloomers at all times.

I love the old Victorian/Edwardian days when  there were mobile changing booths on the beach, bathers were covered from head to toe.
This inspired a new idea, still in the planning stage.
Beach themed lavender bags.
I love stripes, they are a must.A bit of bunting never did anybody any harm and a bathing babe is a must.Hopefully a vintage feel has been created with french text double doors, all in all it creates this retro beach hut themed lavender bag.I need to keep working on it, give the roof more definition but Im happy with my first attempt.

Lavender heart

I made a big lavender heart the other day, it measures approx 8x8" with a  lace hangy ribbon and blanket stitch around the edge.
If you like the fabric I used I have made a cushion cover with it too.Youl find it in my GrimmExhibition Folksy shop.Link are in one of my original posts, see list on right hand side.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Gothic forever

My sermon today is about all things dark and mysterious.My love of Gothic.
I have to say Ive been bit sinister since my younger days, and I confess to being a Victorian gal above everything else. I was introduced to Dracula(the book not the person)when I was about 10.
In recent years Im happy to say the number of gothic horror movies is as popular as ever, you can't move without a vampire, werewolf or fairy being thrust at you.
So here are a few of my items that have been inspired by that look.
In recent years my muse has been the beautiful Mistress of the morbid, Ms Bonham Carter.
Silver coloured skull charm necklace with earrings

Scroll down for more images.

Theres no reason why gothic has to mean that black is the only colour that represents it.So with this in mind I made a brooch with gothic related symbols, cross, skull etc with pink girly beads.
Pink goth (emo nowadays)brooch

I have ventured also into the world of headwear.I made this hat with headband(so it'l stay on)out of an old Victorian buckle and gooorgous black netting.Black hat with buckle and net(I want to keep it really)

I found the most amazing Edwardian  image of  a lady with a skull and cross so I used it for one of my cushions.Ideal for any goth/emo teens. Skull cushion for your teenage child, dont worry, its just a phase.

I have  goth inspired images.You may see in previous posts my gothic fairy with ethereal black ragged wings.Here are more.Inspired by seeing the Phantom musical as a teen I made this Opera ghost print Opera ghost print

My obsession with the moon continues with a moon and stars print faeturinga gorgeous vintage lady She Wolf
And finally straight out of a Victorian novel I have the Old Curiosity shop for all to browse. Curiouser and curiouser

Apologies for pics and links being out of order.

Monday, 14 January 2013

My handmade decorative cushions

Today I shall talk about my cushion obsession.
I've been wanting make them for months but only got round to it last year.As you may have read, I love to design and print my own fabric.I also love cotton lace, not this horrid stretchy stuff only to be found on modern day knickers.
I love old vintage images, actresses from days gone by, nature, fairies etc.
I make decorative cushions usually measuring 12x12" or smaller ones approx 7x11".
Whilst selling in a pop up handmade craft shop last Xmas I was told that people liked them but would prefer that they were washable so sadly I didnt sell any in that shop but I have sold some, the themes people liked were the swallow, Paris ( I plan on making a new one) and snow angel.
I have recently bought some bigger cushion inners so I hope to be making bigger sized cushion covers soon, I just have to make a decision what theme they should have, something my mind has a meltdown over.
Link to decorative cushions, made with my own fair hands.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

New skull necklace

Here is something I made just from crafting bits I already had.10 out of 10 for recycling. Now listed on Folksy.Ideal for goths and emo's, and also this years "day of the dead" trend.
Twinkly sparkly skull themed necklace

I love the past

Thank goodness for the popularity of vintage.All these trends in life are handy for me to realise what my interests are, they help me be creative and lets face it, few modern day celebs hold true glamour, class or inspiration.
So with the vintage trend appearing a few years back it got me googling, and I discovered the likes of Theda Bara, Maude Fealy, Countess Oldoini, Delores Costello, Sarah Bernhardt, all icons of an era that seems to be lost.
These old images inspired a number of my prints.Along with tmy obsesion with the moon , fairies and Victorian curiousities I combined what I could.
Pretty prints of ladies from days of yore


Friday, 11 January 2013

Crazy Carley Duff

Over the last few months I have made some jewellery for the lovely Carley Duff from Creata, she has a show on Thursdays at 1pm on Create and Craft TV (channel 36). Here is the link to her blog Carleys blog Here she is wearing a"Create" brooch and a rainbow necklace I made her.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

New bird prints

Here are the bird prints I spoke of.One is of a blue tit on a branch, the other of a swallow on a wire, both have  a shabby chic, french vibe going on.I think they will work well in most rooms, but mostly in a kitchen or conservatory.
Piccy of the swallow

Blue tit print

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

All my links in 1 place,

Welcome to my craft work, please have a look through my work in the links below.

 Prints with a vintage feel, fairies, circus, shabby chic etc

Handmade Jewellery and hats/headwear for posh do's.

Crafts , cushions, charity cards, fabric, glass, lavender bags etc

Handmade daytime jewellery

Getting married?

I make accessories ideal for a bride.I use multi faceted beads to make gorgous necklaces and earrings which really sparkle in the light. I  have sparkling headbands with czech mounted stones, the headbands are very comfortable to wear all day too.I have some handmade hats.I like to use old vintage buckles with diamantes in them  which I find at antique markets.
Sparkly goodies for brides, please take a look.
I seem to have added 2 images of the same item, but thats ok because I have 2 of those necklaces available at time of posting.

Pop up craft shop

Pre Xmas last year I put a few items in a pop up are a couple of photos, all the cushions are mine and a few of my items are dotted around in the other picture.

Christmas craft sale

I made a number of Christmas items last year.There are still some decorations left, Ive reduced some of them, please take a look.Christmas decorations made with fabric, glass etc