Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Gothic forever

My sermon today is about all things dark and mysterious.My love of Gothic.
I have to say Ive been bit sinister since my younger days, and I confess to being a Victorian gal above everything else. I was introduced to Dracula(the book not the person)when I was about 10.
In recent years Im happy to say the number of gothic horror movies is as popular as ever, you can't move without a vampire, werewolf or fairy being thrust at you.
So here are a few of my items that have been inspired by that look.
In recent years my muse has been the beautiful Mistress of the morbid, Ms Bonham Carter.
Silver coloured skull charm necklace with earrings

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Theres no reason why gothic has to mean that black is the only colour that represents it.So with this in mind I made a brooch with gothic related symbols, cross, skull etc with pink girly beads.
Pink goth (emo nowadays)brooch

I have ventured also into the world of headwear.I made this hat with headband(so it'l stay on)out of an old Victorian buckle and gooorgous black netting.Black hat with buckle and net(I want to keep it really)

I found the most amazing Edwardian  image of  a lady with a skull and cross so I used it for one of my cushions.Ideal for any goth/emo teens. Skull cushion for your teenage child, dont worry, its just a phase.

I have  goth inspired images.You may see in previous posts my gothic fairy with ethereal black ragged wings.Here are more.Inspired by seeing the Phantom musical as a teen I made this Opera ghost print Opera ghost print

My obsession with the moon continues with a moon and stars print faeturinga gorgeous vintage lady She Wolf
And finally straight out of a Victorian novel I have the Old Curiosity shop for all to browse. Curiouser and curiouser

Apologies for pics and links being out of order.

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  1. Well put together. I have sadly neglected my blog. Perhaps you will inspire me to reactivate it. lol