Thursday, 31 January 2013

I wish I had the skills of.....Twinkle and Gloom

I have searched high and low on the internet, looking for crafty inspiration, Ive joined forums, chatted away, learnt alot from my many crafty virtual pals. But sometimes there are people, every now and again, that really hit on a look or theme that makes your head spin, combine that with  the skill and enthusiasm of the crafter/artist themselves and you get something that you will want to follow and somehow be part of forever.
So, I would like to introduce to you a lovely lady called Lowri.
Lowri takes a subject that we may not see as popular or beautiful and takes it into her own world and makes it beautiful.    Twinkle and Gloom the Nonsense Fairy.

Her themes include circus, fanatic tea drinkers, conjoined twins, fantasy, magic.She makes paintings, prints, jewellery, cards etc. This is a young lady to look out for.Its her full time career,she had even sold her work to one of the League of Gentlemen.

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