Sunday, 20 January 2013

Its a, nice day for a, white wedddiiiiing.

Well, what with the snow and a family wedding anniversary coming up I thought Id write a post about my wedding items.

One of my joys each month is to visit a local antiques market where I can find beautiful items to use in my work.
Here is a (very comfortable)headband with an old diamante buckle on it.Ideal for a bride that doesnt want a veil or tiara, but does want  a little decoration for her hair.
Gorgous sparkly headband

I love sparkly beads and the simple look of the 40's so with this in mind I made a very simple yet elegant necklace with earrings in graduating sized beads.The beads are multifacted and as you can see they really catch the light, and have a coating on them(ab) which makes them pick up surrounding colours.

For those brides to be that want full sparkle-osity (if thats a word) then this headband is perect for your big day.
The headband is very comortable and silver plated. I have added czech mounted stones with wire(making sure all wire ends are safely tucked away).I know its tough to make a decision when shopping online, so if you would like a sample of one of these beads to see what they are like up close,  please contact me and I can send you 1 stone to look at.
 Other designs and stones are available

Here is a bicone version of my above necklace.I used diamond shaped beads instead of round beads in this necklace

If your after something with a more vintage feel to it that doesnt pick up so much colour then this necklace may be the one for you.The round beads have a silver shimmer to them, making them very subtle but still glamorous enough for your wedding day.
The necklace also comes with drop earrings.

A link to all my posh doo items.


  1. Jewellery is very hard to photograph well, but you've done it superbly! The clarity and sparkle is splendid.

    Your items are lovely - good luck with your sales.

  2. Thank you very much Lyn.Its down to my dads posh camera and repeatedly taken loads of photos with my fingers crossed hoping at least one of them turns out well.

  3. I have almost exactly the same necklace from the 40s! Twas my grandmother's...

  4. Thats great to hear Katy.Glad to know my work is along the right lines.