Monday, 14 January 2013

My handmade decorative cushions

Today I shall talk about my cushion obsession.
I've been wanting make them for months but only got round to it last year.As you may have read, I love to design and print my own fabric.I also love cotton lace, not this horrid stretchy stuff only to be found on modern day knickers.
I love old vintage images, actresses from days gone by, nature, fairies etc.
I make decorative cushions usually measuring 12x12" or smaller ones approx 7x11".
Whilst selling in a pop up handmade craft shop last Xmas I was told that people liked them but would prefer that they were washable so sadly I didnt sell any in that shop but I have sold some, the themes people liked were the swallow, Paris ( I plan on making a new one) and snow angel.
I have recently bought some bigger cushion inners so I hope to be making bigger sized cushion covers soon, I just have to make a decision what theme they should have, something my mind has a meltdown over.
Link to decorative cushions, made with my own fair hands.

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