Wednesday, 9 January 2013

This is too modern for me!!

Yowzer!! That was easy, whats the catch?I am now in the world of blog.
So, this is my blog.I suppose I was inspired by the film Julie & Julia with the fab Adams/Streep whirlwind of an acting combo.I cant see this being made into a film but if it is Id like Winona Ryder to play me(totally prettier than me, but film is fantasy)Sorry, this isnt about food, its about my crafts.I get to waffle on here too about the things I make.
Some posts may be good, others bad, depends on what mood Im in.
Here I am on Twitter, where I have to abbreviate my crafty waffles. here is one of my shops on Folksy, I have 4, yes Im greedy.

Here are some photos of the things I make(clicks on things to find out how to add stuff)

Ok, so that might not work, but my intentions were good.I shall see what happens then get back to you, or not.

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