Friday, 22 February 2013

Fashion and flower prints

Here are a couple of new prints.Both in mount frames that measure 7x9".
One is an image I already have listed in A4 (approx 8x12")size, a surreal lady from the 30's mixed with a dress form.
The other is of a gorgeous and simple photo I bought of beautiful flowers, ideal for any room with neautral colours and a minimalist feel.

30's mannequin print


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Vintage Victorian and Edwardian scrapbooking prints

My obsession with the past continues.If only I had a magic door that opened up onto a ballroom in the 1890's, Id be a happy bunny.
Anyhoo, Ive listed more prints with a 7x9" mount surround in a vintage style.
One is Victorian and full of colour, the other is more neautral but the text speaks volumes about a love affair.

Victorian scrabook print

Not quite Dangerous Liaisons

I have more mounted prints to list, they are smaller versions of my A4 prints already listed.

Ive no idea why things didnt list in a nice order but hopefully you can make sense of the above.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My Easter crafts. La Belle Epoque nests and squishy hearts

So, Ive been thinking about Easter.Ive had these ideas for a while now and finally got on with making them.They are not listed yet, I think Il wait until Easter is round the corner.
First of all, some rustic, shabby chic style decorative hearts with gorgous little Victorian chicks on them.I couldnt resist.
I made the gingham pattern in the background changing pink striped images that I had to green and yellow, overlaid one on top of the other, rotated one 90 degrees and fading it so it became gingham style.Grren and yellow arnt colours i usually work with but I like them and think they are very appropriate for the event.

Next idea,birds nests in jars.
I love the whole vintage shabby look with  a hint of LA Belle Epoque, so I have intertwined a birds nest with bits of lace, button, hand stamped ribbon, printed fabric, beads, a real rose bud, bits of lametta and old diamantes to create this 'magpie' look.Inside the nests are 2 decoupaged eggs with a crackle glaze.The lids have been decorated with lace and old illustrations from a bird book.I have one in blue and silver and another in pink/purple and gold.
I hope each idea will be considered as a nice way to decorate your home this Easter.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

To the moon and back

I have loved silent cinema for years now, the B&W image of the man in the moon by Melies is still iconic.This may have started my moon fascination.
Here are a couple of jewellery items that have moon themes.
Melies inspired moon necklace

Here is another made from an old optometrist lens featuring a couple dressed as clowns in the moon.