Saturday, 27 April 2013

Less than week to go, Henley Arts trail 4th-6th May

Ok, I thought Id write to you without mentioning the words Henley or cushions.......but sadly that isnt going to happen.
Here are some finished cushions for Henley(see, I told you).
I have 3 more to finish(prepare yourself for yet another update mentioning the word cushions at least)


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

More washable handmade cushions for Henley, venue 12.

Ok, admittedly I havnt even finished(started) the first 3 I had printed but I had to get things rolling, so here is my second batch of fabric.
I will be making these into cushions and Il be selling them(hopefully) at Henley Arts Trail from the 4th-6th May Christchurch Centre, Reading rd, venue 12.
Apologies(once again) for the awful photo.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A day full of craft.

Today has been dedicated to catching up on things Ive started for Henley(venue 12 is the best, Christchurch centre, Reading Road, Henley 4th-6th May). Ive just sorted out prints, Im half way through designing a dragonfly cushion, I need to think up 1 more design..
Il be taking jewellery, bridal headbands, prints, cushions, notebook covers, cards, anything else I can think of/carry.
Saturday is a sort out day too.I shall take over the dining room table, put all my jewellery on it and go yes, no, no, yes, definatly, why did I make that?! etc To cap it all off, today I received my tax return form in the post.Oh well, guess a crafty day can't be all joyful.TTFN my crafty lovelies.

Here is a snippet of a couple of prints with pretty swallows.Sad to say Ive never seen a real one.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

My rooster cushion, Henley , venue 12 May 4th-6th.Christchurch centre

Tadaaaah! My first cushion for Henley arts Trail.My relationship with zips isnt good right now, if  I
see another one today I wont be very ladylike but I got there in the end, just need to snip off threads and voila.

About 3 hours later.....cushion number 2...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cushion fabrics arrived, butterflies, blue tit, rooster

Im so blissfully happy at the washable material that turned up today.Awful photos but you get the idea. Fabric has a velvet feel to it.Rooster image is for a 50x50cm cushion inner. Il be selling them at Henley.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cushion stands

Thank you to the lovely lady in my local craft shop(been buying from there for years and still dont know her name)for these stands.They will come in very handy for my cushion displays.I will posh them up in some way pre Henley. I felt that the cushions needed som esupport, I thought easel stands may work but Ive no idea if the table  Il get will be against a wall so this way the stands have a back and a front so at least they have some support and wont fall off the table.Thats the theory anyway.

If your after stands like those spinning card stands, leaflet holders or similar to the above, contact the number above as the owner would like to get rid of alot of her old stands.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Prints and cushions sneeky peeky. swan butterflies swift rooster

Well, Ive been waffling on about Henley for ages, so I thought Id show you a bit more of what Ive been working on. Here is a mini montage of bits of the images I have designed.Some images are for prints, others for cushions, but you never know I may make both.There is clearly a strong bird theme, its lucky I like them, and hopefully Henley people like birds too, and if they dont sell I hope the rest of the world like them.

Monday, 1 April 2013

New P+P prices

This is a post you wont want to read as there are no pictures and its not good news.
As Im sure you know Royal Mail have put there prices up, so I have had to increase my prices too(I didnt increase my prices last year).
So my prints have gone up to £2.50 and most jewellery have gone up to £3.50.
I have delisted my cushions until I visit the PO and get a proper price, as my brain is frazzled at trying to work out the more detailed parcels dimension/weight.
I hope none of this will put you off supporting independant crafters.