Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A day full of craft.

Today has been dedicated to catching up on things Ive started for Henley(venue 12 is the best, Christchurch centre, Reading Road, Henley 4th-6th May). Ive just sorted out prints, Im half way through designing a dragonfly cushion, I need to think up 1 more design..
Il be taking jewellery, bridal headbands, prints, cushions, notebook covers, cards, anything else I can think of/carry.
Saturday is a sort out day too.I shall take over the dining room table, put all my jewellery on it and go yes, no, no, yes, definatly, why did I make that?! etc To cap it all off, today I received my tax return form in the post.Oh well, guess a crafty day can't be all joyful.TTFN my crafty lovelies.

Here is a snippet of a couple of prints with pretty swallows.Sad to say Ive never seen a real one.

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