Friday, 17 May 2013

Craft gifts handmade by me

My crafts, in a nutshell. Just thought Id add another montage, incase you are after a gift, or a treat for yourself.

Craft, cushions, lavender bags etc   These cushions would look great in a lounge, conservatory or kids bedroom.

Unique daytime jewellery    Beautiful jewellery, ideal to wear in the day, and they can even look good catching the light on your nights out.

Bridal accessories or just very gorgeous jewellery  Please take a look here if your planning your wedding.Youl find unique pieces which no other bride will have, and maybe even the mother of the bride will find something she likes here.

Artwork that is not mass produced   Unique images, ideal for kids rooms, teens room, dining rooms, bedrooms. Ideal fairy fantasy prints for those of you(us )that still believe in fairies.

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