Tuesday, 4 June 2013

For digital artists, collage images to use.

Ive accumalated a number of vintage images over the years, I know I wont get round to using them in my art so I thought Id scan them and let you guys at them.
I have old photos and some hand written boat supply lists from my grandad from the 60's, may be good backgrounds for fathers day cards.
So, watch this space.

....24 hours later....and here they are. All images are from my own collection. I think you can tell by the age of them there will be no copyright issues.If you can use them in your work, for yourself or resale please do what you  can with them.
All I ask is that you take elements from the images and use them in your work, please do *not* take the entire image and use it for collage sheets for resale.
Sadly I am no computer genius, I have just scanned the images.
Just click on the image to make it bigger and save.

An image from my Grandads cash book  from September '67.I believe its from his days of working with boats so may be good for fathers day items, or backgrounds to mens cards.

2 kids dressed in days from Yore.

Hmm, not sure whats going on here, all I know is I think its a chap in the costume and he doesnt seem too happy.


Beautiful and slightly scary at the same time, look at those eyes.

So faaaar away, doesnt anybody stay in one place anymore.....Is she waiting for a lost love?

Great wedding image, I believe Carly Duff from Creata has used this image in her work.I love that the married couple are arm in arm, but then again the groom is arm in arm with the gent next to him!

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