Sunday, 21 July 2013

Christmas star crafting in a heatwave

HI Folks, havnt got as much done today as I wanted, my crafting guilt took over and stopped me doing things. But here is what I have done.The top 2 pics are the same item, the pic is reversable, 1 for Xmas the other for the rest of the year.Then some images Ive cut out to use for toppers, then a Xmas card idea. nothing is complete yet, still at the assembling stage.
I have loads more ideas on my mind, stockings, hanging decs, mini bunting.

Here are some stars Ive been working on. 10cm in size.I designed the images, glued them on, sparkled them, then added crackle glaze(which I hope you can see)to give a ye olde worldy look. Il eventually make 2 sets of 5. Plain snowflake design on the reverse side.

Ive posted this image on other social networky things and no matter what I do it doesnt turn up the right way.I hope you get an idea of what they are meant to look like anyhoo.

                                          Ive finally made them and they are listed.Link above.And the pictures the right way round!!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Featured artist - Felting For England

These little felted goodies are made by Jo Sinclair, who not only makes jewellery but she also loves to Felt.
She has felted using  hand held needles for a few years now but recently bought a Felting machine which allows her to make new items .

Felted animals and birds

A Long Tailed Tit

A Toucan

A glorious Swan.
Ive saved the best for last.A new addition to her Christmas collection is this gorgeous Polar Bear.
Her other Christmas collection ideas include, Santa, Snowmen and Reindeer.
I shall let you know when this little Polar Bear is available to you.
Jo is also working on brightly coloured Felted paper chains,  (not made out of paper but Ive no idea how to say they are paper chains without using the word paper).They can be fastened together with buttons, you can assemble and disassemble them each year, design your own colour combination each year, a great item to make up with the kids.
Jo's new addition are ideal for you pet owners.
Here are 5 dog cameo pendants to choose from.