Friday, 18 October 2013

What Ive been up to.

Hi folks, just thought I'd let you know what Ive been up to. I have a couple of Christmas fairs soon so most items are Christmas themed.
 First of all I have to say sorry for the awful pics and I have no idea why some of these pics are the wrong way round, please adjust either your head or your screen so they can be seen properly.
Ive been making make up type bags. Im hoping to have my own cotton printed nearer Christmas to make make up bags and notebook covers, so please visit again .
Here is a work in progress shot(tilt head to the right, now) Wooden hangy stars, Stars completed these are in progress, but click on the link to see a set ready to purchase.
The butterfly and angel thingys are images between 2 bits of glass ready to be soldered, Il then put them in a mini easel. They are double sided so 1 side is most of the year(bird or butterfly theme), the other with a Christmas theme.
Also Ive been making Xmas cards with recipes inside them, for things like gingerbread men and stuffing.

                                                        This is a stand ive made from an old frame, ideal for my glass xmas decs. Il decorate it more and neaten it up.

Ive been sewing again. Im making little pouches for my pocket mirrors 5 mirror designs to choose from My mum has this pouch...and a mirror.
Here are some hangy decorations and Ive made 3 designs for stockings.

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