Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My first Christmas craft fair

Hi folks, Ive been to my first Christmas craft fair of the year. 1 more booked, but I may sell at another one too, I havnt decided yet.
I took my prints, stockings, dioramas, mirrors, scented decorations, pouches cards and cushions.
Here are a few links for you, Prints  Cards & Christmas items  Pocket mirrors  Cushions 

Out of all things my most popular items were my glass Christmas tree decorations(in the frame in the above photo)Hard to see from the pic but they have glitter on them. I think I was in a sunny part of the venue and they must have sparkled at people.

My cushions had some nice comments too.
So, off to solder some more Christmas tree decs, and make more labels. I made note of things I could improve on while I was there. eg my cushions were priced but the prices were on the back so nobody could see, silly me.
Only about 6 weeks til Christmas. Happy shopping.

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