Wednesday, 27 November 2013

New cushion designs - Whitehall guard - Butterfly

 HI Crafty folks, well this is annoying. I want to show you my new cushion designs and none of them have uploaded in the correct way. So once again, please bend your head to the right and take a look.

This is a smaller version of my big butterfly cushion. Ive had alot of nice comments about it so thought it may be a good idea to make it in a smaller version so there are price options.

 Here is another butterfly cushion, very similar to my design on my pocket mirror pretty and practical mirror

My new designs include an idea I made with males in mind as I feel all my work is a bit girly. I have used an old photo I have from the 50's of a guard at Whitehall on his horse. Ive made it look like its framed in a photo album mixed with floating handwriting of the info on the back of the photo. 
As you can see these are just cut out pieces at the mo, I havnt actually made any of them yet, but they will be available as 12x12" cushions in the next couple of weeks. I also have another design of a flower and lace, il add pics when they are all complete. Until then my crafty chums, toodle pip.

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