Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Hound of craft

Hi Folks. Today was my last  craft fair for the year, I took some new makes with me.

My 2 big gingerbread men are sold. The lady couldnt decide which one to get because she said they looked like they were married, so she bought them both.

My soldering obsession continues. Ive sold a fair few of my glass Xmas decorations but still have some available.  Christmas decorations

I was inspired by a lady at a previous craft fair who spoke alot about angels, so came up with this idea.

Snow angel diorama
I also have a smaller Santa diorama which Ive not listed yet, if your interested please contact me

The highlight of my week has been the comedian and actor saying he likes my work on Twitter.....not enough to buy it, but its still nice to read. Heres what he said....
Rufus Hound @RufusHound

@SilentTheatre1 You make lovely stuff! I'm not a style match for it, but you're ace
Bless him.
Anyhoo. My Folksy shop is open still Gorgeous handmade craft items that everybody should have.
Its a couple of weeks until Xmas. Decorations shall be going up soon, mince pies are already being eaten and I have no doubt alot of brandy butter will be consumed with them at some point.
So, thats all from me until the new year I think, enjoy any Bond films that will doubtlessly be on tv and try, please, to enjoy any sprouts you will be forced to eat.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Christmas craft and Craft fair dates.

Hi Folks, well its a month closer to Christmas and a month since my last blog.
In that time I can tell you I managed to get a job :o)... then 3 weeks after that I was made redundant:o(  But Im focusing on the wonderful fact that I have 3 Christmas craft fairs approaching and Im looking forward to each and every one.

Ive just put one of my new Christmas tree cross decorations in the post to  a new customer Cross

I have a new Snowman Christmas tree decoration Sweet snowman
Ive also listed a 3D Victorian style Santa street scene. Santa and his robins

There are a couple of new prints to choose from too. Prints and more
I have finally found, by chance, a perfect stand for my Xmas tree decs.

These are a couple of decorative bottles Im working on.

And some new Xmas present tree decs.

Here are a list of the 3 venues Il be selling at, so if you are in the area please come along.
23 November
Sindlesham Court
Mole Road
RG41 5EA


7 December
St Anne's Manor
London Road
RG40 1ST

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Cushion SALE , sewing and Xmas decs.

HI crafty pals. Its now October so I think Im allowed to mention Christmas without feeling like Ive said a rude word.
Ive recently signed up to 3 Xmas venues. 2 of which I havnt sold at before so itl be interesting to see if people like my work.

Ive listed a diorama I made a while back on Folksy For sewing fans

Im having a sale on all my cushions Grab a squishy bargain Some were £30 each, others £25, they are now all reduced to £20. The offer stops at the end of October.

I have lots of Xmas decorations available too. Christmas sparklies

Ive also been working on an idea to solder, little Bible decorations with a quote inside. Also maybe mini Xmas cards too. Here is a prototype.

So thats all from me for now.
.......24 hours later
Bible decoration
And heres another style


Thursday, 2 October 2014

September crafts. Rotating card stands for sale

Hi Folks, last weekend was my first craft fair in the run up to Xmas. I took some photos so thought you might like to see.
Here is my fab card stand, contact me if you are interested in buying one, il pass on your details to the original owner. Email me at

Unfortunatley my cards Ive made over the last year or so are too small for the sections but I think I made it work ok, plus its easier for the customers to see the designs rather than flip through a basket of cards. They just have to lean their heads a bit.

And here are pics of my stall(the flag isnt mine)

I sold a few things and nearly took the amount I made at the same event last year. Its encouraging to know the first 3 items I sold were Xmas related.

I have a new Christmas glass decoration idea, making mini classic Xmas books, The Bible, greeting cards as decorations, so Il be experimenting with that idea today...after ive finished cleaning the kitchen(which is tough, I dont recommend it)
So, hopefully I will be selling at 3 more events by the end of the year. Il let you know how it all goes.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Santa, strawberries and gingerbread men.

I have 8 days to go until my first Craft fair in a long time. As usual Ive left it all to the last minute. Im currently planning the table lay out and panicing about not having everything priced and labelled yet(Ive had 9 months to do it in!!)

Ive finished some make up bags Pretty and practical make up bags

Ive added a new print. I have a buy one get one free offer on. Please see listings for details.

Made some mini gingerbread men

Here they are having a party, thats why the image is a tad blurry. A couple are finished but some still need work done.

And as you can see I have a santa Xmas decoration completed and listed on Folksy.

I also wanted to make more religios themed Xmas decorations so I made these crosses with Bible text in them. I made 2, and sold them within a week  :o)

So, 8 days to go, Im in a panic. I have lists galore so I can have some sense of organisation. I shall report back after the craft fair and let you know how it went. Tata fellow crafters.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Make up bags, Xmas decorations and more

HI crafty pals, its me again.
Ive been crafting. Yes you know what for but Ive also made things that arent xmas related.
Once again Il try to keep the Xmas talk to a minimum and show pictures instead.
I have a craft fair at the end of September so Im trying to sort out items for that.

Ive been making make up bags.
If you sew and things arnt going well try changing the needle. It worked wonders for my work
Ive added Swarovski element crystal beads to the zips as keyrings.
Ive been making box cards

Decorating candles, do not burn, decorative only, hence the name Decorative Candles.

A hangy mixed media heart

Pretty hangy heart for the door handle or wall.
And yes, more Xmas soldered glass tree decorations.

And here are 2 of the same picture, yet again. One day Il work out how to add pic properly.
Its hard to see but the star on the bottom left in the last picture is made from a mirror solution so it captures the light and looks very twinkly.

I also managed to source this, a card stand, so its easier for customer to look through my cards. There are 2 size and hold 30-40 cards depending on what size you want. The owner has more so send me your email address if your interested in buying.


And some non Xmas candles ideal for all year round (except Xmas of course)