Saturday, 10 May 2014

More crafts. Christmas and headbands

Yes, I still have Christmas on the brain. Ive been toying with the idea of making some big gingerbread men. Il be using ric rac, crochet lace, recycled buttons and as much sparkle as I can get away with.

For some reason you have 2 pics the same. I will never understand how to work a computer. Although I am making 2 gingerbread men with different decorations so maybe its worked out ok.

Im going to make glass soldered shadow boxes too. Here are bits for my first idea. An angelic looking lady in a wooded lane with glitter for snow on the branches.

Ive also made some more boxes with my own snowflake design printed on them rather than using foil card. Ive added glitter to both but can only catch a tiny flash of it on the box on the left.

Ive also added some headbands to my Folksy shops . I would have added more to my shops but the uploading photos process was taking a lifetime.
Black headband

And here is a gorgeous bridal headband.

Im hoping to join a local craft club next month, should be great focusing on crafts for a few hours and meeting like minded people.
Ive also started to make plans for Christmas craft fairs. Roll on September!! I cant wait!

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