Friday, 20 June 2014

More Christmas crafts cross stitch , soldering , gingerbread

Yes I know we are only half way through the year but I like making things for Christmas (sorry for using the C word Kelly-Ann).
Ive started to go to a great craft club in Berkshire. Its nice to get out and meet like minded people and see what they are making. So if you are in the Berkshire area take a look here for details The first rule of Craft Club is...

So here is what Ive been working on. I finally worked out how to make a nice face for my gingerbread men. I used buttons and seed beads. This is still in the making process, thats why he looks a tad lumpy.

Once again Ive managed to display my lack of knowledge on how to work a pc, therefore you have 2 pics exactly the same, as I have no idea how to delete one of them.
Ive made more boxes, small ones for things like rings.

Also Ive been using embroidery bits Ive had for a while, combining them with my glass soldering decorations idea.


                                                                           And some hangy starry things too.
And thats all I have to show you. Ive managed to ask for an early birthday present of solder so I can get on with some other projects. I have the glass but nothing to attach it together. I will be mostly making Xmas items(again sorry) but I have a non xmas idea too so watch this space.
Just adding a couple more pics, Ive been soldering glass and hope to make a diorama, no idea what exactly Il put in it but at least Im making progress

Im also adapting a dress pattern, so glad the pieces fit on the fabric I have. Phew!
.......A few days later.
Here is a pic of a finished gingerbread man and an updated diorama.


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