Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Make up bags, Xmas decorations and more

HI crafty pals, its me again.
Ive been crafting. Yes you know what for but Ive also made things that arent xmas related.
Once again Il try to keep the Xmas talk to a minimum and show pictures instead.
I have a craft fair at the end of September so Im trying to sort out items for that.

Ive been making make up bags.
If you sew and things arnt going well try changing the needle. It worked wonders for my work
Ive added Swarovski element crystal beads to the zips as keyrings.
Ive been making box cards

Decorating candles, do not burn, decorative only, hence the name Decorative Candles.

A hangy mixed media heart

Pretty hangy heart for the door handle or wall.
And yes, more Xmas soldered glass tree decorations.

And here are 2 of the same picture, yet again. One day Il work out how to add pic properly.
Its hard to see but the star on the bottom left in the last picture is made from a mirror solution so it captures the light and looks very twinkly.

I also managed to source this, a card stand, so its easier for customer to look through my cards. There are 2 size and hold 30-40 cards depending on what size you want. The owner has more so send me your email address if your interested in buying.


And some non Xmas candles ideal for all year round (except Xmas of course)

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