Saturday, 11 October 2014

Cushion SALE , sewing and Xmas decs.

HI crafty pals. Its now October so I think Im allowed to mention Christmas without feeling like Ive said a rude word.
Ive recently signed up to 3 Xmas venues. 2 of which I havnt sold at before so itl be interesting to see if people like my work.

Ive listed a diorama I made a while back on Folksy For sewing fans

Im having a sale on all my cushions Grab a squishy bargain Some were £30 each, others £25, they are now all reduced to £20. The offer stops at the end of October.

I have lots of Xmas decorations available too. Christmas sparklies

Ive also been working on an idea to solder, little Bible decorations with a quote inside. Also maybe mini Xmas cards too. Here is a prototype.

So thats all from me for now.
.......24 hours later
Bible decoration
And heres another style


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