Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Hound of craft

Hi Folks. Today was my last  craft fair for the year, I took some new makes with me.

My 2 big gingerbread men are sold. The lady couldnt decide which one to get because she said they looked like they were married, so she bought them both.

My soldering obsession continues. Ive sold a fair few of my glass Xmas decorations but still have some available.  Christmas decorations

I was inspired by a lady at a previous craft fair who spoke alot about angels, so came up with this idea.

Snow angel diorama
I also have a smaller Santa diorama which Ive not listed yet, if your interested please contact me

The highlight of my week has been the comedian and actor saying he likes my work on Twitter.....not enough to buy it, but its still nice to read. Heres what he said....
Rufus Hound @RufusHound

@SilentTheatre1 You make lovely stuff! I'm not a style match for it, but you're ace
Bless him.
Anyhoo. My Folksy shop is open still Gorgeous handmade craft items that everybody should have.
Its a couple of weeks until Xmas. Decorations shall be going up soon, mince pies are already being eaten and I have no doubt alot of brandy butter will be consumed with them at some point.
So, thats all from me until the new year I think, enjoy any Bond films that will doubtlessly be on tv and try, please, to enjoy any sprouts you will be forced to eat.

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