Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Vintage new year

Happy new year one and all. I hope you had a great Christmas and didnt endure too many hangovers.

So, over the holidays Ive been having a rethink.
 I tend to only sell at craft fairs over Xmas, wasting alot of the insurance I have to pay that covers all year round, so I decided to take the plunge and give a local vintage fair a go.
I have collected a number of items over the years, clothes, handbags and jewellery that I love but never wear, so I think I should be brave and pass them on to people who could give them the lives they deserve instead of sitting in draws and cupboards not being appreciated.
So instead of thinking about Santa and Christmassy things  I will try to train my brain to think like a vintage sales person, thinking about retro items and ideas, making new objet d'art in the right kind of style.
First fair is in February, lots to organise, lets hope Im ready in time.

Here is a handbag I have. it has a black and red Chinese print on it.

And some gorgeous jewellery, Il be sad to see these go. Mostly 40's and 50's style.

And il take some of my craftwork too. Some of my vintage style prints and a few pieces of one of a kind jewellery. I have clothes too but as itl be me on a bus with whatever Im strong enough to carry, my options are limited so I may leave the clothes til another time.

Anyhoo, a new adventure begins, I shall keep you updated.

Good luck to those of you who are on new year diets. Mine is going badly so far.

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