Monday, 23 February 2015

The Reading Vintage Fair -Purple Turtle

Well, yesterday I went to my first vintage fair. I sold a a few pieces and made some pocket money to spend on crafty goodies.
The Purple Turtle is a great venue, very modern, and I met some great people (hello Georgina and Kim)
I discovered that Georgina, the organiser, had a Walkaway dress which featured in a recent episode of The Great British Sewing Bee.

There was everything from bags to brooches, Victorian mens suits to 80's belts and jewellery.

 Loving the ghostly orb in front of the Victorian suit(you'd need to watch Most Haunted to know what Im on about)
                                                 You may recognise some of my items below.

So I think next time I will reduce the number of my made items that I take eg prints and cards, stick with the vintage jewellery and bags I took and see if I have some clothes I could take along.

 After the fair I had to get the bus home, I saw my bus leaving 10 minutes before its scheduled time,when I was 20 seconds away from the bus stop. I had to wait in the rain and wind for a hour for the next one. I have written a strongly worded email to the appropriate bus people.

And back to craft, I have been soldering again, I made a couple of pendants. Im not too happy enough with them to sell so Il keep working on the idea, but heres a piccy for you.

 They are made up of 4 layers of glass with different features at different levels giving it depth.

And I made some boxes to fit my pocket mirrors nicely.

So I plan on selling there again next month. TTFN.

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