Monday, 27 April 2015

Reading Vintage fair & my clothes

Hi folks, Ive been making some clothes recently. This is what Ive made so far. A gorgeous flamingo print skirt in an approx size 12, 28" waist.

I also made a summer dress in a sort of a linen fabric. Ive not listed it yet. Here are pics of it, one is semi finished the other is complete, on show at the vintage fair. Size 12. Contact me if youd like more measurements.
I can post swatches of fabric I used, free of charge. email me at
Edited to say its finally available to buy

And again,  the 2 pictures of the same image, just so you know its me writing this blog.
Also here are some pics of a seller at the Vintage Fair. Her name is Veronika and she sells glam repro dresses and those fanatastic multilayered petticoats. Find here on facebook at Veronikas Vintage

Here are some other stall pics.
I discovered a box of genuine 1970's necklaces the other week They are made from wooden beads and horseshoe nails!!  Im slowly listing them on Etsy. Here is a link to my shop.


Ive also reduced my cushions so please take a look.

The organiser of the Vintage fair is taking a break so the next fair should be in August. Here is her Etsy link so you can see her lovely dresses and accessories. Georgina on Etsy

Tata for now, and please keep crafting, sewing and supporting independant traders.

Edited to let you know the Fair organiser is looking for a band ot play a the fair in August.


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Vintage clothes & earrings on Etsy

Hello my lovelies.
I had a 2nd day at the local Vintage clothing fair and its really encouraging me to get on with the clothing side of  everything thats in my mind, whether its selling items Ive bought, or making things from scratch.

Ive started to list items Ive collected over the years on Etsy. My Etsy shop

Gorgeous 70's dress

Yep, you can tell its me writing this post as Ive once again managed to add 2 of the same photo!

Green metallic items  Ive listed the jacket and skirt seperately depending on what you prefer.

Apologies for the strobing picture, it looks better if you enlarge it, click on pic for bigger view.

And here is a delicious a-line velvet feel skirt, ideal for the 70's hippie look this summer

You know that Pink Ladies/banking skirt advert "What a beautiful skirt". "Thank you, I made it myself"....then she becomes a big time fashion designer (because its that easy), well its got me sewing again.
I made myself a stripey skirt which has been christened my Beetlejuice skirt by somebody at the Vintage fair and my nephew calls it my Zebra skirt. My neice wanted her own version so I made her one too.
For my neice

For me, with pockets.
Ive also been going through items Ive sold in the past and my card sets were popular, not too sure why I stopped listing them, so they are back.
A mix of 4 birthday cards.

Ive also listed some new handmade one of a kind jewellery. All prices are reduced as Im not making jewellery anymore.

Red necklace
Thats it for now.
I have a number of things in mind to make, Im still determined to get a bias binding foot even though my sewing machine is playing up(Ive only had it 27 years). I hope to have more new lovely things to show you next time.
......2 days later.
I bought these gorgeous earrings at an antiques fair, they are avalailable here earrings

Ive also thought up a new mission statement, I say new, its my only one......I have a new mission, Although I love my crafts, my first love was clothing, so my new mission is to make an item of clothing that somebody buys. Just 1 item, more if possible. It doesnt help that I just looked at the Pinterest boards for Galliano and McQueen, they are quite strong competion.