Monday, 20 July 2015

Craft update & Reading Vintage Fair in August

Hello folks, long time no type.
The pc has been playing up, my photo editing software disappeared and the printer is being a pain in the botty but things are slowly improving and Ive finally found how to get back into my blogging page, so here I am with lots of items to chatter about and show you pictures.

Ive been baking again.
You know when you aim for this...
(photo from the of Pinterest)

and you get this.....

That's all Im going to say on the subject.

In the world of craft Ive been selling in a shop for 2 days a week. I sold 2 of my cushions the other day (yay me) . Its a place in Bracknell, Berkshire (near John Nike) called The Sanctuary Barn, address below.

my cushion display

It has the worlds biggest cake decorating shop, this is less than half of it!!

They sell Vintage Chic items, plenty of gorgeous old furniture at great prices and upcycled pieces
They have a café..

that sell yummy cakes, drinks, sandwiches, toasties, cream teas etc.
They have high chairs for parents with little babbas.

Shabby Chic items for sale at great prices.

They also sell fruit and veg, they have a duck pond where you can feed the ducks,  a horse , and theres plenty of parking.
Ive discovered balsa wood, I have an Xmas soldered decoration idea in the making so Ive made this to add a battery operated tea light to...

A paper mock version with battery tea light.
Ive been glittering stars for Xmas decorations...

available nearer Xmas or contact me today
I hope to make some more necklace pendants, now I have photo editing back I can start to make some pretty images.

Ive been glittering model trees

And typing fabric with Xmas sentiments to act like tinsel to wrap round the trees. not sure what this is going towards at the mo but I like the idea so far.

Ive also found some gorgeous new items for The Vintage Fair in Reading in August

Once again I apologise for the awful photos but Im no Liebowitz.
Tata for now my lovlies.


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