Tuesday, 11 August 2015

#Craft Earring tidies, Christmas & pendants.

Hello folks, with my 40th birthday approaching this week I thought Id show you my latest offerings to the world of craft.
 Ive added a couple of brand new things to my Folksy shop, earring holders made from embroidery hoops. Ive had them for years and Ive finally worked out what I can do with them!

Yep, lets face it Ive been making Christmas items since January. I have made a gazillion cards, some with a vintage theme (below)....

...some with a more modern look which is pretty tough for me but I think Ive done ok.
I seem to really love the Kraft card that's in vogue nowadays so Ive used lots of that. I have envelopes to match too.

Here are my soldered sets of Xmas decs, they will be sold in sets of 5.
More card ideas.

Ive also tried to some upcycling, this is an old letterpress which I thought would make a good ring and necklace holder. Ive added hooks at the bottom to hang necklaces from, I just need to drill a hole at the top so it can be wall mounted. Yes Im available for hand modelling work ;o)
And I continue to solder my jewellery. As I wont be making bead jewellery anymore Ive decided to make pendants and add cord necklaces. Here are some designs using 3 layers of glass, separate paper element are in different layers of the glass.

I plan on making some modern day Xmas stockings, I saw recently that my local fabric shop will have newXmas material in in September :o)

So, there you go, that's all from me.
I sit here and  await my birthday, a job that pays £40,000 a year to play with glitter and a (marriage or otherwise)proposal from Bruce Willis. So long for now.

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