Sunday, 11 October 2015

Henley & Cranleigh Christmas Ornaments Fair '15

With 3 weeks to go until closing date, I  decided to apply to sell at a big Christmas ornaments fair this year, its being held at venues in Henley and Cranleigh.
As you can imagine I have been working rather hard of late as I can submit 200 decorations(yep, 200) Im on about number 183 at the moment. Sorry that any pics I show here arn't great but you can get an idea of what Il be selling there.

Here is the flyer with all the info you'll need..
Some padded hearts

Little lined stockings with bells so wrapped sweets or little toys can be put in them

Little drawstring sacks, again for treats.

Glass ornaments made form watch crystals.

Glittered wooden stars with decorative wire around them.

Small padded hearts.

A flat glass decoration with a Victorian tree image sandwiched in the middle.

Lots of my little cards made from glass.


So please visit the venues on the dates shown on the flyer. There are lots more makers designs to choose from and you can cover your tree in unique decorations.

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