Friday, 29 January 2016

2016 - birthday keepsake crafts and a rethink.

We are well into 2016. I had a few fairs to attend at the end of last year, they went well but I'm having a rethink.
The new year tends to bring new thoughts to our minds, what can we change or improve?

Well on a non crafting side of things I have told myself I am going to lose weight (what an unusual thought for a woman to have!) Il say its all because my back hurts, and I heard that losing weight can help, but in actual fact I just want to look good in clothes so nice men will notice me(shallow I know, but Im still single at 40). Also my friend of 20 years is getting married in September(Im assuming Il get an invite), so I've given myself until then to lose 2 stone. The healthy eating is a challenge, I'm trying to make better choices but also I'm not denying myself a biscuit or two if I want them. I've found denying myself all treats in past weight loss efforts just makes me give up and I go back to my old ways.

So, oh yes, crafts.
Ive had a rethink. Ive realised that craft stalls tend to sell one kind of thing. There is usually a craft stall with jewellery, or everything is knitted etc whereas my stall has a mish mash of a number of different things eg fabric make up bags next to glass Xmas decorations. Maybe there's too much for the customer to see, and adds to difficult decision making.
If you are new to my blog here are links to my work ... jewellery  and home d├ęcor

Ive had a word with myself and I have to work out what I love to make and what I want to put my efforts into.
 Ive decided I love to sew and solder. The mixed media and altered art work that's popular in the USA is breathtaking with its olde worlde look, the mix of  lace, ribbon and metal really appeals to me. I have a board featuring some of it on my  Pinterest page, take a look  my messed up head in pinboard form or alternatively type in altered art into the top of the pinterest page and feast your eyes.

Sewing is still something Im very interested in. My job is sewing based, but its not very pretty(I use an industrial machine and use heavy duty textile) so Id like to carry on with designing my own images and having them printed onto fabric, but then do I sell the fabric on it own for people to make what they want, or make things myself? If so, what do I make? Its all in the thinking stage at the moment, I hope to progress with this side of my crafts later in the year.

Sorry this post isn't very picture heavy, there will be some I promise.
So I havn't really crafted much this year, Ive had to tell myself to stop having creative thoughts(which is tough when I have to walk past goodies in craft shops) my crafts are hibernating and I'm close to decluttering and throwing away draws of things I don't need, but hang on to just in case they come in handy.

Im making soldered keepsakes. Birthday ones at the moment, maybe a couple of mothers day ideas.

Here are a couple Im working on currently, its a bit macabre as their heads are either non existent or not actually attached to the bodies. Ive seen dolls made up of varying materials on Pinterest, they have a name, Assemblage Dolls.
I think we are all different so Im making them have different looks to them. The gothic keepsake on the right would appeal to me, but Im also making bright, happy smiley keepsakes too as Im aware not everybody is into the same things as me.

I bought some flowery fabric the other day as I thought I would make myself a summer skirt. I love a skirt with pockets so found a beautiful vintage handkerchief which I shall cut up(sorry) and add 2 pockets.

That's all from me for now. Sorry if I have waffled a bit, its Friday night and Im a tad tired  and Im trying not to eat an entire pizza with a chocolate bar chaser.

A few days later...
Sorry for the awful pic.

A few days later........ Ive kicked myself up the behind and finished a couple of keepsake dolls.
Birthday keepsake dolls


  1. Clare - I know how you feel about having a 'mish mash' shop! I have so many interests and ideas that I never stick to one type of thing. Your assemblage dolls are very interesting. I love the mixed techniques and media. I am just getting back into doll/figure making - mainly thinking of textile/papier mache - though do not want them to look like Julie Arkell copies (as much as I adore her work!).

  2. HI Julia, thanks for your comments. its nice to know somebody is reading my waffle, but also a worry as I may have waffled on about things people don't need or want to know about. I think its good to try lots of crafts, Id have gone bonkers if I hadn't tried things out and Im not ruling out trying things again, but when it comes to selling items we need to have a good think about what the customer has to plough through. Do you have a Folksy or Etsy shop? Post the link. Id not heard of Julie Arkell before, I shall go take a look. I finished my pink assemblage doll yesterdy, now I just need to get on with finishing the other 9 off before listing!

  3. Oooo I'm with you on the loosing weight thing, I'm hoping to loose a bit, I managed a couple of stone a couple of years ago with slimming world and now it's back on, I don't want to do 'classes'. As soon as I deny myself something I want it all the more, I read on another forum to not deny anything but eat more of whats good... vegies and stuff, it takes a while but if we fill ourselves with the good (healthy) stuff it leaves less room for the treats. So in theory, after a while our eating habits change for the better. I hope this makes sense? :)

  4. HI Picto, good luck with the dieting, ive discovered avocado and balsamic vinegar. Unfortunatley I also discovered avocados are very calorific, but Im eating a lot more salad and cutting down on the junk. Still a long way to go. Let us know how things go for you.

  5. I quite like stalls with bits of this and that on them, it makes them more interesting to have a poke around... And I do love a good poke around.

    Those keepsake hanging dolls are fascinating, I've never seen anything like them! Great work.

  6. Hi Stephanie, I like a mish mash too. Thanks for liking the keepsake dolls. Ive listed a couple of them that Ive finished. I need to get on making some for mothers day and also learn how to take better photos.