Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Ombre raffia tutorial

Ombre raffia tutorial-

I have had a great time messing around with water  and paints recently. I have also started drawing and I've made Xmas and birthday cards with them
Whilst experimenting with art, a lot like Leonardo Da Vinci, I discovered this decorative idea, so I thought Id share it with you.

 1.You will need a waterproof surface, a spray bottle of water, raffia in white(depending on what colour you want to achieve) and water based pens or paints.

 2.Spray a length of raffia with water and let it soak up the water.

 3. Add pen/paint colour to the centre of the raffia, then use a finger to squish it toward the ends of the raffia. Add more colour to the centre if required. Leave to dry.


If you want to make a bow. Create a bow with the raffia and spritz with water. Add water based colour to the centre of the bow and leave it for the water to carry the colour out. add more colours if you wish. Raffia can be uncrinkled to make the bow more voluminous (see pic.)
I hope that was of some use to you. Its a great inexpensive way to make a bow and brighten up gift packaging.

Here are some pics of my drawings and other items I have available like bags and jewellery. I have made some of my drawings into cards which you can see in my Folksy shop. Gifts and cards galore

Have a Merry Christmas and don't get too drunk or eat too many mince pies. I won't..honest.


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