Monday, 22 January 2018

Ink and water card toppers craft tutorial

I've been having more fun with my water spritzer bottle and washable pens. I thought Id share my experiments with you so you can design your own toppers.

You will need - paper/card to work on and card with a shape cut out. Water bottle spritzer, water soluble pens, water proof work surface..
I have used my die cutter to make a heart shape in some card to create a stencil, but you can choose what shape you use for your project.

Place shaped stencil onto a piece of card you are using for your topper. Using water soluble pens draw round the inside of the shape. Pen will transfer onto the stencil piece of card so you can use that in projects too(see  pic further down).

Using your spritzer bottle spray on top of  the shape you have drawn. You can leave the stencil in place as it may help  to control where the ink travels, or take it away for a more unstructured look.

In a few seconds the water mixed with ink from the pens will start to move the colour around creating a gorgeous water colour look.

Because of the water on the card, the card may buckle, meaning the water will roll and drip to the edges of the card, so you may want to flatten it, depending on where you want the water to flow.

Here is the card stencil I used, it has some ink on the inside so I added water and the colour flows.

Here are both elements with the beautiful, colourful results

I've added some rubber stamped letters

And cut out the stencil to create a different type of topper

This is just a basic idea of what the final elements can look like but you can add your own style to make it even more one of a kind.
This is an image of a Valentines card I have made using the same idea for the heart.
I've been sewing again, here a  couple of new make up bags I've made, each  one of a kind. You can find my work here if you'd like to see more of my work.   My crafts 

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