Thursday, 11 January 2018

New year, new crafts

So its new year, well a few days in. My health kick lasted a matter of hours and I've already spent all craft vouchers  I got at Xmas on many craft supplies.

I just thought Id check in and say what I've been up to.

I may have mentioned that I'm trying to reduce my crafts so I can focus more. I'm focusing on rubber stamped or hand drawn greeting cards, sewing and soldering.

I think I will just bombard you with a load of images of what I've been making.

I had some drawing made into rubber stamps.

 Then I realised I could just draw things, scan them and create images with photo editing. I hope to make this little owl as a birthday card. I have to work out what she should be sitting on first.
 Another card from my rubber stamps
 Card and matching pillow box.

 I love seahorses so I drew a seahorse with a unicorns horn, no idea if they have a name, Im going to call them Sea-corns.
 A penguin and baby penguin, are they called pufflings? I'm not sure. I hope to make this into a birthday card too.
 This is my latest design, with people going through tough times in mind. The Juggler.
 I hope to make more of these paper doll cards too.
All of my work can be found in my Folksy shop and you can learn a lot more of the inspiration behind them,  or I have a number of other items in my Etsy shop. Ive reduced my handmade cushions and you'll find some jewellery on there too.

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