Sunday, 3 June 2018

New necklaces

HI Folks, its been a while.
I've rounded down my work to sewing and soldering and I've decided to stop selling at craft fairs, no profit, no point.
So I'm focusing everything on shadow box pendants and sewing things like bags, but mainly I'm sewing for myself #yippee.

I have a few necklaces I've made. After what seems like an eternity trying to make boxes for pendants I finally had a breakthrough.
As I may have mentioned I love images from history. I'm glad to say I'm old enough to have heard of Vaudeville and crinolines but young enough to want to learn the dances from The Greatest Showman. If a kids see's somebody wearing a necklace I've made, and they wonder who it is in the image or who painted the painting then Id be very happy.

So, enough of my waffle, here are some necklaces I've made and maybe a few other things to show you.

New jewellery

Clara Bow

Monochrome Frida. I'm making more colourful versions too.

The Lady of Shalott by Waterhouse. I created a new box pendant but upcycled an old necklace to embellish it.

Mermaid necklace featuring a Waterhouse image.

Weeping angel, sadly I don't know the painter.

Waterhouse, The Soul of the Rose. Yes, I think Im obsessed with Waterhouse!

I'm such an idiot accidently adding this twice.

Colourful Frida Kahlo necklace, she sold before I listed it on Folksy!!
I'm working on how to make the shadow box pendants hinged with a door, its tricky but fun.
I hope to make more Frida necklaces dip into the world of Van Gogh too.
I think the metal boxes lend themselves nicely to Gothic accessories so I'l look into images for that theme too.
here are a few things I've mad e for myself or things I've been messing around with.
A wrap round dress for me. it loos odd because I'm a lot bigger than the mannequin its on.
Not sure if this video will work but I like to use moulds, so I've been having fun experimenting. We have had candy skulls which are still popular but I think shrunken heads may be a new thing.

This is a new dress for me.with a cobra, beetle  and flower print on it.

I've been working on more dolls. I recently sent 2 to America!!
Everything I make can be seen in my Folksy shop(link above)
Here is my Facebook page if you'd like to follow the good and bad things that happen in my world of craft.
That's it from me for now. I hope you are all enjoying your crafts. Add links of your work to my comments if you wish.


  1. Lovely pendants, I really like those. And your dresses are fab - I think sewing takes a lot of patience and a surprising amount of time.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Im working on more pendants.

  2. I really admire people that can sew their own clothes - the dresses are lovely!

  3. Thanks very much. Ive bought more fabric recently to make more summer dresses but the weather has turned so they may have to wait.